2882 Safetys Most Wanted 2 (dvd)

"Don't be an accomplice to unsafe acts" is the theme of this second episode of our popular Safety's Most Wanted Series. Our host Tom Clark shines the spotlight on three injury-causing culprits: the prankster Horseplay, the get-it-done Cowboy and the infectious Apathy are each exposed as a source of workplace injury. 

  • Each instigator's MO - Method of Operation.
  • Typical Accomplices of these safety villians.
  • Reenactments of each culprit's dastardly deed.
  • Lessons learned from each reeanactment.

- See more at: http://www.americantrainingresources.com/ptv-192.aspx#sthash.6brkBDpz.dpuf

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2882 Safetys Most Wanted 2 (dvd)

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